Looking for a massage therapist in and around Mt Juliet, TN but not sure what type of massage you want?

Take a look at this list of common services and book your next appointment.

Types of Massage We Offer

Swedish Massage

Manipulating superficial layers of muscle with broad strokes.

Therapeutic massage

Manipulating deep layers of muscle with more specific strokes.

Sports massage

Massage geared toward athletes with the goal of preventing injury and helping the body stay in optimal performance condition.


The use of special cups to create suction on the skin to move the superficial layer of fascia around the muscles.


A massage technique where sustained pressure is applied to tight muscles and trigger points to facilitate muscular tension release.

PNF Stretching

Stretching techniques to enhance range of motion, expedite rehabilitation, and optimize athletic performance.

TriggerPoint Therapy

Applying pressure to "knots" in muscles to relieve tenderness and dysfunction in muscles.

Pre Natal Massage

Helps reduce stress, relieve muscle aches and joint pain, and improve labor outcomes.

Other Common Types of Massage

Hot Stone massage

The use of hot stones to relieve tense muscles.

Lymphatic massage

Light massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body.


Applying certain amounts of pressure to the feet, hands, and ears because of their connections to specific organs.

Craniosacral Therapy

Gentle manipulation of the skull to relieve pain and tension.


A form of massage where you remain fully clothed and the therapist applies pressure to acupoints along the meridian lines of the body.

Active Release Therapy

Massage therapy focusing on removing adhesions in muscles that can occur due to overload from repetitive use.

Thai massage

Combining broad strokes and acupressure along the body's energy lines called sen.


"Ashi" means foot, and "atsu" means bare. The therapist holds on to a frame above the massage table and use their bare feet to perform massage.